"Who Else Wants to Heal Cuts Quickly, Reduce Scar Formation, and Sooth Cracked Skin, Burns and Insect Bites ...?"

And Then Use It To Stop Diaper Rash, Facial Breakouts, and Even Bedsores ...
Without any Chemicals!

From: Gerry Gaboriau
Phone: 843-636-3651

Are you tired of using ointments  for problems such as diaper rash and they just don't work?

Are you nervous about using prescription ointments that are made with chemicals with possible side affects?

Do you want to get away from ointments made from petroleum because of its' possible harmful effects?

I know in the past I would use a named brand ointment on a deep cut, cover it with a band-aid for a few days and it still would be red and not healed.

When I was growing up I remember that there was not much of a selection to choose from for healing ointments or maybe it was because my mother only purchased one brand. Today however, there are many choices and how do you know what works and what doesn't.

For almost 4 years now I have been using a natural product that works unbelievable. It is a product that should be in everyone's home.


All Purpose Gel

With Aloe Vera, the World's Greatest Healing Property

all purpose gel bottle image

  • An essential first aide product for the entire family from infant to the eldest.
  • A unique blend of aloe vera and other rare healing herbs.
  • The answer for insect bites, rashes, burns (all kinds), cuts, scrapes, chapped hands, calloused and cracked hands and feet, even bedsores.
  • Great for cancer patients undergoing radiation to help in the healing process.

ALL PURPOSE GEL is a must for every member of the family.

It is an excellent first aid gel that not only soothes but promotes healing as well as helps to reduce scar formation from cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.

An incredible gel with a unique blend of Aloe Vera (made from the whole plant grown in a controled environment), NMF (Nature's MoisturizingFactor), Mink Oil, and Hydrolyzed Proteins.

The Aloe plants used for making All Purpose Gel is grown in a controlled $5 million facility free from pesticides. That enables All Purpose Gel to be made from the whole aloe plant which gives it more healing properties.

Here are a few examples of how ALL PURPOSE GEL has helped:

All Purpose Gel - Leg Comparison


All Purpose Gel - Hand Comparison


"I can't say enough about this product.  I use it for just about everything...insect bites, cuts, burns, rashes, and dry skin!"

K.S - Bermuda

"should be in every home in the world!!!"This product   

S.E - Tennessee

"After the first application, I could see a big difference."

B.M - South Carolina


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