Hangout "Replay" with Dr. Winferd Holt

"Broken down by topics"

Diabetes - Why is it increasing at an alarming rate?


1) Introduction (1 minute long)

2) Why should we listen to Dr. Holt and what is his background? (3 minutes long)

3) What are the main causes of Diabetes? (3 1/2 minutes long)

4) Why do you think Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate regardless of age? (5 minutes long)

5) Any success with Type 1 Diabetes? (1 minute long)

6) Success with Type 2 Diabetes? (3 minutes long)

7) Why are ForYou Nutritional Products the best solution? (5 minutes long)

8) Dr. Holt wrote a book called "The Power Of Believing" (2 minutes long)



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