Hangout "Replay" with Dr. Tony Audino

Chiropractors - Are they improving our health?

"Broken down by topics"

Does Chiropractors play an important role in our health care?


1) Introduction (2 minutes long)

2) Why do you think Chiropractors are increasing in popularity? Why are they so competitive? (7 minutes long)

3) Can a Chiropractor help a person with their specific health goals? (7 minutes long)

4) What questions does a Chiropractor ask his patients and why? (5 1/2 minutes long)

5) What is a chiropractor looking for in a pre-exam? (1 minute long)

6) How does a chiropractor keep track of their patient progress? (8 1/2 minutes long)

7) What is the best way to choose a chiropractor? (5 minutes long)

8) What are you doing now for work? (3 minutes long)

9) What is your opinion on the state of our health as a nation today? (10 minutes long)

10) What do you think should be done to reverse the course we are on today? (9 minutes long)

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