If you are a healthy person, void of any diseases, congratulations!

 How can you stay healthy and be healthy?

Our body needs 90 nutrients everyday to stay healthy.

We are getting about 10% of the nutrient requirements from the foods we eat today.

Our body needs 72 minerals daily to stay healthy.

We are getting about 4 or 5 minerals a day from the foods we eat today.

In order to be healthy and give your body the nutrients it needs you must take nutritional supplementation today because the nutrition is simply not in our foods today.

Don't get me wrong you also must eat correctly by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course, you need to avoid fatty foods and foods containing sugar to remain healthy.

Our body is constantly being exposed to pesticides, pollution and other harming chemicals on a daily basis. Proper nutrition daily gives our body the fighting chance against foreign invaders such as pesticides.

The Nutritional supplementation that I use and highly recommend to remain healthy are the following: