"Who Else Wants to Get Lasting Relief From Allergies?"

And Then Use It To Be Able To Have A Restful Night Sleep, No More Itchy-Red Eyes, and No More Headaches Due To Blocked Sinuses...
Without The Use of Any Chemicals or Side Effects!

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Do you wake up every morning not being able to breathe because of your allergies?

Do you feel tired all day because you had a restless sleep due to your sinuses draining during the night?

Are your eyes so itchy that you want to tear them out some days and your eyes are so red because of the irritation?

Are your allergies holding you back in achieving all that you want to accomplish because you just can't function properly?

Do you have days you feel so lousy because of your allergies that you just don't want to do anything?

Are you afraid to go outside because the pollen count is too high?

I too had bad allergies. I remember every year around the pollen season for the Oak trees  my allergies would act up. I was miserable for a few weeks. I had all the symptoms I described above. I physically could not function for those few weeks. I was not a happy camper.

My allergies would act up with any mold in the air, especially in the Fall.

As I have gotten older my allergies have gotten worst.  I am now allergic to Pine tree pollen, where before, that didn't bother me.  I am sure it has something to do with the immune system getting weaker.

I tried most of the drugs out there but it  made me so dry and "out of it" that I decided not to use them unless it got so bad I couldn't breath.

I got to a point where I just gave in and accepted that there was nothing that could be done about my allergies. It wasn't until I was introduced to some natural products.

The funny thing was, I was not taking these natural products for my allergies, but rather for some other health issues I had.  The results from using these natural products for a couple of months were that the symptoms of my allergies disappeared. There has been some situations lately where the Pine tree pollen was so bad that I did get some eye irritation, but it was for a very short period of time.

I am now enjoying the Spring and the Fall! I am enjoying the outdoors again without worrying about my allergies acting up.

If you are using over the counter drugs or prescription drugs to relieve your allergy symptoms, and you are worried about the side effects of these drugs, boy do I have a great solution FOR YOU?


The Power Pac

power pac

ForYou’s Power Pac is the purest and most powerful, all-natural food source on earth.  This powerful combo provides nutrients to ENERGIZE and DETOXIFY the body as well as aid in IMMUNE SUPPORT and ALLERGY RELIEF.  Plus, there are many more benefits.

The Power Pac contains the purest and most absorbable, bio-available form of Honey Bee Pollen and Chlorella on the market today.  This combo provides every nutrient known to man and provides nutrients you cannot get from your food.

Honey Bee Pollen

Honey Bee Pollen

Honey Bee Pollen contains all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential proteins (25% pure protein), amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, and hormones known to man.  These nutrients are in perfect balance and its use dates back to the Old Testament times.



Hailed by researchers as the "Food of Dreams" due to its overwhelming health benefits

  • Great for people suffering from stress, arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, poor circulation, and high blood pressure.    Excellent blood builder.   Strengthens the immune system, accelerates the healing of wounds, injuries, and ulcers.    Protects the body from toxic pollutants and radiation.    Speeds up the rate of cleansing the bowel, bloodstream, and liver by supplying plenty of chlorophyll.     Stimulates growth and repair of tissue and retards the aging process.

The Power Pac will help most of the people who have allergies but, if you have severe allergy problem you will need the Power Pac PLUS

Power Pac PLUS!

There are several products that makes up  the Power Pac PLUS. The main product added to the Power Pac that is important for your success with your allergies is J-Genics.



J-Genics brings many, many more benefits to the body.  Benefits such as helps to rejuvenate the entire body, provides natural resistance to stress, allows the body to work better and stronger without working harder, hailed as the "longevity herb"


The other products needed for your success are Advanced Bio Anti-Oxidant, Ancient Sea Mineral Complex, Colostrum, and "Tree of Life" Olive Leaf Extract. These products are listed in the order of importance.


Advanced BioAnti-OxidantAdvanced BioAnti-Oxidant

Antioxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage--the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases.
ForYou's Advanced BioAnti-Oxidant--a very potent antioxidant!

50 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

20 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

Fights free radicals in the blood stream. 

Strengthens blood vessel walls.

Stimulates collagen-rich connective tissue.

Helps body resist inflammation.

Helps maintain proper joint health.


Ancient Sea Mineral ComplexAncient Sea Mineral Complex

Minerals enter into the synthesis of every living cell and influence the vital processes of oxygenation, growth, and reproduction.  Ancient Sea Mineral Complex contains Vitamin C which combined with the mineral complex is four times more absorbent than Abscorbic Vitamin C.

American's diet is mineral deficient, on average providing only 3-4 essential minerals. The body needs at least 72 minerals to maintain good health.

Absorbs toxic substances from the intestinal tract and provides a healing, soothing quality.

Absorbs gaseous substances and aids in regularity.

Great support for allergies and helps to build the immune system.


ColostrumColostrum "Life's First Food"

Builds the immune system.

Contains all four of the key immunoglobulins:  lgm, lgg, lga,and secretory lga which destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast.

Effective against most bacteria and viruses.

Stimulates growth of immune system cells.

Contains transforming growth factor.


Tree of Life Olive Leaf ExtractTree of Life Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract is a natural form of antibiotic.

Enhances the immune system.

Reports show good results on viruses, yeast (candidosis), fungi, parasites, and worms.

Increases energy.

Dr. Rennis found that Olive Leaf Extract was very destructive against all viruses in which it was tested.

Victor Petkov, PhD of Bulgaria, showed an average decrease of 68% in blood pressure and showed a decline in rapid heart beat for those who started taking Olive Leaf Extract.

Dr. J. Territo, a dermatologist, says he sees a 70% improvement in his psoriasis patients who take Olive Leaf Extract.

With the Power Pac program, it is attacking the symptoms of the allergies from the source. The source could be from a weaken immune system, from a  virus, or from a bacterial problem. The Power Pac program attacks the source of the allergies by strengthening your immune system and kills the bacteria and virus which is the source of allergies.




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