Dr. Mays’ Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  1.  Eat a variety of foods – don’t get stuck in a routine of the same foods over and over.
  2. Avoid processed foods like chips, crackers, and cookies; eat foods like they exist in nature.
  3. Plenty of fruits & vegetables – scientists are just beginning to discover the thousands of anti-inflammatory agents found in fruits & vegetables. Pineapples have especially been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Eat raw as much as possible.
  4. Choose whole grains; slow cooking cereals, legumes and other low glycemic, high fiber foods. Eat more plant proteins like legumes, organic soy products, nuts, seeds, and less animal protein.
  5. Eat more fish, especially cold-water fishes like tuna, sardines, wild salmon, halibut, anchovies, and mackerel.
  6. Eat mono-saturated fat rich foods like olive oil, avocados, nuts, (walnuts, almonds). The olive oil should be extra virgin & cold pressed.
  7. Increase plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids like walnuts, flax seed.
  8. Drink more tea – green or black, iced or hot.
  9. Small amounts (equivalent to 1 to 1 ½ chocolate kissed) per day of dark chocolate (min of 70% dark chocolate).
  10. Use lots of herbs and spices especially cucurmin, turmeric, borage, and green herbs.
  11. Keep total calories intake under control to maintain ideal body weight.
  12. Never heat any cooking oil to a point of smoking, it becomes rancid and promotes inflammation.
  13. When you do eat red meat buy organic grass fed beef, sheep, or buffalo.
  14. Eat eggs from hens that are free range and organic.
  15. Avoid all pork, shellfish, and catfish.
  16. Eat low fat dairy products or better yet substitute rice milk or almond milk.
  17. Avoid all concentrated sweets & products containing high fructose corn syrup.
  18. Avoid all deep fried foods – French fries, potato chips, hush puppies, deep fried fish.
  19. Avoid all white flour products – light bread, pastas, crackers, sugar cereals, pop tarts, etc.   
  20. Avoid soft drinks, punch or large quantities of fruit juice