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Marketing is the Vehicle to Greatness

Marketing is the vehicle to greatness because it is the natural progression to gain success in this world. Everyone in this world markets himself or herself to get what you want in life. How did you get that shinny new bike from your parents? How did you get that promotion at work? How did you find that perfect woman or man to marry? You had to Market yourself! You had to elaborate, persuade and share many thoughts and ideas why you needed what you wanted from them. Marketing is a necessary component to achieve the goals you have in life.

So what is the definition of Marketing?  In the Webster dictionary, “Marketing is defined as the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” Marketing has evolved over the years, but the basics of Marketing hasn’t changed just the vehicle to distribute the message has changed.  Have you ever noticed in the old cowboy movies there was always that person-marketing tonic from his covered wagon? That person would travel by horse and buggy to get his message out. He would have some eye-catching advertising on his wagon to attract people’s attention. As he stopped at each destination, he would create interest by standing on his wagon and start demonstrating his products. Of course, he would stretch the truth a little about his products to make the sale. Maybe this is why people today don’t trust a salesperson. What you can gain from those early pioneers is that you must have determination and a strong desire and passion to succeed. Another lesson to learn is that if the product your marketing doesn’t work like you say it does, you will never get any repeat business.

In today’s world, the vehicle used in Marketing has changed dramatically because of the Internet. Instead of the horse and buggy we have the World-Wide-Web to expand the Marketing message. We have the Social Media forums such as Facebook and Twitter that gets out the word immediately to friends and family. We have new emails tools that constantly send out waves of information to friends, family, clients and business associates. The challenge we are faced with is how do we use these new tools for Marketing? In Marketing it always has been creating relationships with your clients and prospects. In Marketing it always has been connecting the dots together. (The dots are products, service, clients and sales.) How do we connect the dots in this new media?

The new media must be embraced to be successful in Marketing. There are so many outlets or tools at our disposal, how do we choose? What I found in the past month or so is a website called to help with that decision. Three successful individuals who make a living on the Internet founded The Leaders Role or TLR. Their training services are free of charge and their main purpose on setting up this free service is a way for them to give something back to the Internet community. They will show you how to increase your business sales by using the new media outlets the same way it has benefited them.

Once you understand the power of Marketing and the tools necessary to capture the market you looking for, you are now on the road to greatness.

Make Marketing your passion, success to you all.


What is my strongest asset?

What do you consider your strongest asset?

I consider my strongest asset is that I am a people person. I enjoy speaking with people and find out what they are all about. When I am in line waiting my turn to be served at the food store, I would start a conversation with the person around of me. When growing up I watched my father speak with every person he met. He would joke around with his friends and was a perfect gentleman when he met strangers. My father was involved with many charity groups and he owned several parking facilities. He enjoyed these involvements because he enjoyed speaking and being around people.  In July of 1974, my father joined me at my orientation at the college I was going to attend in Arlington, Texas. While at this orientation, he started a conversation with a man who lived in Dallas. My father’s conversation with this man called Jack, led to lunch with him and eventually led to me meeting with Jack’s son John. All the time I attended this college; Jack’s family was my family away from home. I still to this day stay in contact with them.

Believe it or not, I was not a very talkative person growing up. I was rather shy and I kept to myself. It wasn’t until I was away from home and in college where I was forced to be more social able. My involvement in golf helped a great deal to be more social able. I played college golf and had the pleasure of traveling to many different places and meeting many people.

I worked at a bank in Massachusetts for 25 years until it was sold in 2004. During those 25 years it was very important to be a people person. Some of the duties I had at the bank worked with the public and also with the employees. When dealing with so many different personalities it is important to have the proper personality and be a people person. You must enjoy, really enjoy working with people when you are dealing with wide range of personalities. Creating relationships with people and understanding where they are coming from is so important.

I started to get involved in retail sales after the bank was sold in 2004. I wanted a fresh start and do something different with my life. I worked with many sales people during my tenor in the bank and really did not appreciate their abilities until I was working in the same field. I noticed all the salespeople I dealt with were people persons, but they had a hidden formula to close the deal. After several years of struggling in the sales field, I have found that you must use your personal skills to create relationships and you must listen to the people your working with to find out what their true needs are.

Getting involved with Direct Sales on the Internet has been another real adventure. I have learned that you can make so many sales with emotion, but it dies out quickly if you have not created relationships with those clients. I am so glad I was introduced to TLR (The Leaders Group). They have showed me that you must provide your customer or future customers the information they are looking for before they will feel comfortable with you before they will buy from you. You have to be a people person in a different way; you have to be a people person in your writings. You must write about your passion of course, but write about what you think the person is looking for. In order to attract a person to you, you must create an article that catches a person’s attention or interest. TLR has shown me the tools so my writings are noticed on the Internet by people interested in that topic of discussion.

I am glad my strong asset is a people person because I have met so many very nice people along the way.

Thank you for listening,

Gerry Gaboriau

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