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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is your health being neglected? Are you overweight? Do you feel like your health will never improve? There is a better way. Do you have the commitment to make the necessary changes to improve your life?

Let me say this I was that person described above. At age 30 I was 25 pounds over weight and I tried all the fad diets and diet drinks. What seemed to work at the time was avoiding fatty foods. I was losing some weight but not feeling the way I should.

As I got older I started getting health problems:

1.      My energy level was not like it used to be. I was taking caffeine to boost my energy.

2.      Had arthritis in the hands to a point where, every morning, I had to pull each of my fingers to be able to open and close my hands. If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t have been able to close or open my hands properly. The pain sometimes was so much that I would have to take some pain pills, which I hate to do.

3.      I also had arthritis in my right shoulder. In my forties I had to get physical therapy because I couldn’t raise my right arm above my head. I couldn’t throw a ball to my son the normal way; I would throw the ball under hand because the pain was so bad to throw it over hand.

4.      At age 47, I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. The doctor wanted to place me on some medication to reduce the enlargement. There were too many side effects of the medication he recommended, I decided to take some natural over the counter solutions. Unfortunately those solutions didn’t work very well either.

5.      I started noticing; as I got older that I was getting more red and flush in my face, especially on my nose and on my cheeks. I went the dermatologist and he diagnosed me as having a chronic inflammatory disorder called Rosacea. The doctor told me to avoid certain foods and gave me some ointment to use. That didn’t work very well either because it didn’t go away.

6.      My father died of heart disease and my mother has had a stroke and a heart attack, so there are heart issues in my family.

7.      I had skin cancer removed under my eye at age 40.

You know what, I attributed all these problems as the result of just getting older and these are the problems you should expect to have. I thought that genetically, I am going to have heart problems, so just do your best to watch your diet and you will live longer.

Boy was I wrong! I am now in my mid fifties and most of my problems are gone:

1.      I have more energy now than I did in my thirties.

2.      I have no more pain in my hands and I don’t have to pull my fingers every morning. My wife is so relieved because she hated to hear that popping noise of my fingers being pulled.

3.      Virtually no more pain in my right shoulder. Just a little clicking noise when I rotate my right arm. My chiropractor is still trying to figure out what that is.

4.      No enlarged prostate. All the symptoms of enlarged prostate gone.

5.      Rosacea does not exist anymore on my face.

6.      My heart and skin are fine which I am so grateful for.

What I have found is that there are many solutions out there good or bad. You are bombarded with so many marketing gimmicks and it is so difficult to know who or what to believe. I am so fortunate to stumble upon a solution that works for me.

I just want to say one more thing; you are the result of what you do to your body. The environment, what you consume, and what you place on your skin affect your whole well-being. We all have choices to make, so make the right choice.

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